Initial release


After months of sweat (I'm a noob OK?) this game is out.

This project has a story : we're a band and we were considering doing a classic music video.

The thing is, we had zero budget and zero experience with that.

So very logically I decided to quit my job and start this game project from scratch with little to no experience in game making.

(Cosmo D's game "Tales From Off-Peak City" is the culprit here)

That would be also an opportunity do create bonds with artists and actors around us, a new band that just came out of the bushes.

We Heavy Poppins proudly present you our first EP/game : Radical Friday.

An ode to the place and time we play at and the friends we made along.


Radical Friday 56 MB
Sep 21, 2022
Radical Friday 57 MB
Sep 21, 2022
Press Kit Radical Friday by Heavy 88 MB
Sep 22, 2022

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